Understanding My Results

Animal Waste

Dry Matter
This indicates the dry weight of the manure after the water has been removed. This is also known as Total Solids (TS). This will determine if your sample is classified as a liquid (<10%TS), semi-solid (10-20%TS), or solid (>20%TS). Our report will give you both solid and liquid availability regardless of the dry matter result.

Nitrogen (TKN)
This is the total nitrogen of the sample. It includes both the organic and inorganic forms of nitrogen. TKN stand for Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, which is the method used to determine nitrogen in manure.

Ammonium N (NH4)
Ammonium is the inorganic portion of the total nitrogen. This is the form of N that is immediately available.

Organic Nitrogen
The organic nitrogen is the part of the total nitrogen that is released slowly. It is dependent on animal species. There are some ongoing studies that show that the amount of bedding in the manure may also affect this release as well.

This is the percent phosphate. Approximately 80% of this will be available the first year.

This is the percent potassium oxide, commonly known as potash. Approximately 90% of this is immediately available.

Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Sulfur
These are considered macro-minerals and they each play a different role in plant growth and development.

Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Iron
These are considered micro-minerals that also play important roles in plant growth and development.

Electrical Conductivity (EC)
Electrical Conductivity is directly related to the soluble salt content of a manure sample. Manure can have high EC levels due to the large amounts of salt-based minerals commonly added to rations. Long term or excessive applications can lead to a build-up of soluble salts in the soil. An excessive manure application just prior to planting can reduce germination or injure the seedling plants.

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