Understanding My Results

Animal Waste

Calcium (Ca)
Essential for many plant functions including cell wall development, nitrate uptake and metabolism, and enzyme activity. It also promotes early root growth and encourages grain and seed production.

Copper (Cu)
Acts as a regulator of several biochemical processes that occur in plants. It is important to the formation of lignin in plant cell walls, which contributes to the structural strength of the cells and the plant itself.

Iron (Fe)
Essential for plan functions such as chlorophyll development. It functions in plant respiration and metabolism. Iron is also involved in nitrogen fixation.

Magnesium (Mg)
Aids in photosynthesis and the uptake of phosphorus in plant function. It also promotes the formation of oils and fats. Magnesium helps the nutrient uptake control and increases iron utilization in plants.

Manganese (Mn)
Works together with Iron to assist in the formation of chlorophyll. It accelerates the germination of seeds and affects vitamin content of plants.

Sulfur (S)
Is a structural component of protein and peptides in plants. It is active in the conversion of inorganic N into protein. Sulfur also promotes nodule formation in legumes. It also serves as a catalyst in chlorophyll production.

Zinc (Zn)
In plant function, Zinc influences the rate of seed and stalk maturation. It also influences seed production and grain yield. It is necessary for starch formation and proper root development.

Electrical Conductivity (EC)
Electrical Conductivity is directly related to the soluble salt content of a manure sample. Manure can have high EC levels due to the large amounts of salt-based minerals commonly added to rations. Long term or excessive applications can lead to a build-up of soluble salts in the soil. An excessive manure application just prior to planting can reduce germination or injure the seedling plants.

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